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Tuilerie1The “Grande Lorne” came under control of the “Maison du clou” and belonged to the “Goyon de Saint-Plantaire”. In 1774, it was part of the inheritance of Marguerite de Goyon, Jean-Baptiste de Wissel’s wife. She is the one who is going to trade the “Grande Lorne” in 1808 to Jacques Konce in exchange of a land and a coppice…

On the 1826 cadastre (B333), the “Grande Lorne” belongs to Jacques Konce. Then, from 1832, it belongs to the Bethmont family, until it got bought by Louis Vaucelle in 1926.

In 1839, Eugène Bethmont asks if he can « fix or redo the furnace of his tilery”. The authorization file says that the vent shouldn’t be seen from the road, the kiln will be covered and the chimney will be less than 10m high…

The old kiln still exists in Lorne, standing next to the new one, he hasn’t got a vault. Is it the one built in 1839? Or another simple one rebuilt after that?

We can assure that it’s not the one who used to be on the cadastre of 1827: This one might be on the road.



With census report, we can see that this tilery, part of a big property, has been used since the beginning of the XIX century by four different families: the Teiton’s, from Creuse, living in Ruffec since 1830, until 1926, the Vaucelle’s until 1999,then Bertrand Lefébure and finally Pascal Robin since 1st March 2011.

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