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“Floor tiles, roof tiles and bricks are made with clay that we soak with water, knead and then curry with caution to make a ductile paste, to which we give, thanks to molds, the shape of bricks, roof tiles or floor tiles; then we make this molded clay dry naturally outside or in a shed.

When those clay-works are well dry, we fire them, with wood or coal, when everything is well made, roof tiles and bricks must be solid, resonant and mustn’t soften because of water or flake off because of frost.”

Extract from "L'art du tuilier et du briquetier" of Duhamel, Foucroy et Gallon.

fabrication6« We take the upper part; the sandy ground that we call the meagre ground and deep down there is the greasy ground, it can be blue, it depends on which product you want to make, we do some mixes: to make roof tiles you keep more greasy ground than meagre.”

“Clay must be ductile to be mold. Every time you work on the ground you do everything to make the ground homogenous by breaking it up and moistening it.”

“Blades of the mix-soaking machine do not only knead the clay they also push it so it can fall in another machine, the molding one.

This machine is made of a big blade that compresses the clay and shapes it in a kind of sausage that goes into another part of the machine and gives it the wanted shape.

A die cutter continues the work by cutting the “sausage” to the wanted size. The tiler is next to this part of the machine so he can take the product and put it on racks that are going directly to the drying section.”

“It’s in the way he works the fire that you can recognize a good tiler: temperatures, firing degrees, knows when to put more wood in the fire just by looking at it, time of firing depends on many variants  as strength of the wind, type of wood used, degree of dryness  and shape of products.”

Extract from "Terre et feu, mémoire de tuilier".

In order to give you the best product, Lorne’s terra-cotta masters their production process.

As a prove, our clay quarries in Ruffec Le Château and in Pouligny Saint Pierre are ours and we have a 4.5acres wide stock so we look for new deposit if we need.


The average wait for a product is 2months (conception, drying, firing) and we do our best to make every single order special and to respond our clients will.

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