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The Brenne’s Regional Natural Park’s eco-trophy aims to reward and promote the protagonists of the economy who are set as an example for the sustainable development.

In 2010, Lorne’s terra-cotta participated in the “Territorial harmony” category for its work on recognition and development of its territory: local supplying, saving local resources and knowhow, helping locals…

Out of 17 applications, the award went to Lorne’s terra-cotta.

Lorne is the last old fashion working tilery in Brenne.

Today it allows to make durable tillers work on the territory.

The site got renovated 10 years ago and it permitted to save an old bakery from 1800, buildings and the production line.
The clay is made from the ground of Pouligny-Saint-Pierre and the land of Lorne.

In order to enhance the process of production and conserve old fashion methods, the tilery got in 2006 an automatic shredded wood supply machine for firing. This system allows the tiler not to hand-fire day and night.

“The tilery ensures to find for your roofs and floors, authentic products in order to preserve local architecture.”

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Tuillerie de la Lorne


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