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EPV-LOGOLABELThe EPV label« Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant », is a mark of gratitude of the Economy, Industry and Employment Minister, it was created to single out every French businesses that excel in craft knowhow and industry.




fondation du patrimoinePatrimony foundation aims to save the rural patrimony as houses, churches, bridges, wash-houses, windmills, industrial patrimony, furniture, natural stuffs. Every single kind of local patrimony can be part of this foundation. With the State, they help owners to finance their projects.



Maisons Paysannes de France                

logoMPFThis 40years old association helps you with your renovation projects of old houses.
It aims to protect traditional rural houses, by up keeping them and restorating them. They respect their identity and their environment-friendly style. They also protect landscapes by encouraging a contemporary architecture that respect the environment.



PNR BRENNE                    

PNR-BrenneThe Brenne’s Regional Natural Park got created in December 22th of 1989 because of the elective representatives who wanted to react against the devitalization of their territory.





Vieilles Maisons Françaises                      

VMFThis association got created in 1958; it helps and saves rural buildings and help the passing down of techniques and knowhow.



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Tuillerie de la Lorne


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